September 2017 THMQ – High Times

Photo by Justin Cannabis.

Market Analysis: All indices, with the exception of the Southern Index, finished September below their previous month’s average. The Eastern Index experienced the biggest drop, finishing $10 below its August average. Meanwhile, the Southern Index jumped $12 from its previous month’s average and tied its year-high price at $370 per ounce.

Current US Price Index: $331 (last month: $338, Year-to-Date: $332)
Current Eastern Price Index: $350 (last month: $360, YTD: $353)
Current Southern Price Index: $370 (last month: $358, YTD: $363)
Current Western Price Index: $256 (last month: $257, YTD: $265)

The top five strains (with average price) were: Kush ($367), Diesel ($359), Blue Dream ($342), Girl Scout Cookies ($328) and Haze ($355).


(Girl Scout Cookies) “Purchased through medical grower who is 100% organic.” —Provincetown, MA

(Tangerine Dream) “Pleasant citrus aroma and taste.” —Bennington, VT

(Casey Jones) “Good taste, clean burning but did not receive the best when it came to drying and curing.” —Brussels, Belgium

(Hyrdro) “This is strong weed but its harsh on the lungs.” —Nashville, TN

Last Month’s Pot Prices: August 2017 THMQ
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