Car Slams Into Black Lives Matter Protesters

Several protesters were injured when a car plowed into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters during an increasingly violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday.

The car that struck the protesters had been hit from behind in what appeared to be a deliberate act. Two cars were surrounded by protesters and not moving when a third turned a corner, picked up speed, and slammed into the rear of the second car, pushing both forward.

Then the driver of the third car quickly reversed, reportedly hitting more protesters, and drove away. The driver was later arrested by police.

“We heard a loud crunch of metal hitting bodies,” said VICE News’ Joe LoCascio, who witnessed the incident on the corner of Water and 4th St. “A lot of screams while people were running away from the scene.” People were crying, “saying they saw bodies flying when the car collided with people.”

This is a developing story. Continue reading on VICE News.

Tess Owen

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