Month: April 2017

Trump Assured ‘DREAMers’ They Can ‘Rest Easy’

On Friday, President Donald Trump said immigrants brought to the States illegally as children can “rest easy” knowing his administration won’t kick them out of the country, just days after a “DREAMer” sued the government for allegedly deporting him without legal grounds, the Associated Press reports. Trump has flip-flopped on what to do about DREAMers—those who […]

Gay Bars Can be Mind-Bogglingly Racist

Last weekend, Rebar went from being one of New York City’s most promising new gay clubs to a glaring personification of the lack of intersectionality that exists within broader gay culture. When the bar opened its doors in Chelsea, partygoers across New York were pretty excited to check it out. But one Facebook post by a patron named Ian Alexis shifted the conversation away from the […]

Someone Is Trying to Sell a Zoo on Craigslist

For just $350,000, one lucky animal lover could become the new owner of a Florida zoo, according to a recent Craigslist ad offering up the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park. According to the ad, the ten-acre park in Crestview, Florida, comes equipped with 90 different animals including multiple breeds of tigers, an African lion, […]