Month: March 2017

Bryan Krumm – High Times

Bryan Krumm, a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was one of the petitioners whose call to reschedule cannabis was officially rejected by the Drug Enforcement Administration in August 2016. But Krumm is fighting on. A US Army veteran, he’s become the nation’s foremost voice for the use of […]

The VICE Morning Bulletin – Vice

US News Hawaii Judge Extends Block on Trump Travel BanUS District Judge Derrick Watson has prolonged the hold on President Trump’s executive order restricting entry to the US from six Muslim-majority nations. Watson agreed to a motion by the state of Hawaii to extend the temporary restraining order on the travel ban […]

A State Department Employee Allegedly Took Gifts from Chinese Spies

When an undercover FBI agent showed up at Candace Marie Claiborne’s front door one dark and cold night in late 2011, the US State Department employee thought to herself, Who’s this strange Chinese man standing outside? But according to a complaint unsealed on Wednesday in federal court, it wasn’t hard for the visitor to earn an invitation inside. All the […]

America’s Shame – High Times

Our first president probably wasn’t aware of the many medicinal properties of cannabis. He probably never smoked the stuff either. Nonetheless, George Washington was an enthusiastic hemp farmer. But if he’d known how important cannabis would be to the well-being of future military veterans—and how the US government would one […]